Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm back! :)

So I know that it has been forever and a day since I was last on here.  I guess life just got busier and busier and I forgot about my blog.  LOL.  Sorry about that!  Luckily a friend left a comment on one of my posts and it reminded me.  So, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.  Last year was a very good year for sure, but also had some struggles.  The upside: my husband and I moved into our own little home and got blessed with a new car. The downside..... we found out my dad has stage 4 cancer, and he had surgery and was hospitalized for over a month.  But through the grace of God and through chemo he is back home and doing a lot better.  Our son is growing so fast.  He is already 2 now.  He is so much fun to watch as he explores the world around him.  He is everywhere too!  He is one busy boy, he loves to play, and hardly ever stops to catch a breathe.  I completed some more units out at Yuba College and got straight A's.  That always feels good!  I tried yoga the end of last year and fell in love, so now I am doing yoga every day and I am enjoying the healthy benefits that go along with it, and the friendships I have made through it.  I am looking forward to this new year and my heart is just so filled with gratitude for my present life.  :)