Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Importance of Simply Listening

Okay, I think I have finally came to the place where I have noticed that I have a constant problem of offering advice rather than simply listening.  Well, the best news about that is that now that I have acknowledged one of my weaknesses I am capable of putting forth the effort to make the changes I would like to see.  It happens so often, in fact probably every conversation I have.  It's as if somehow I think that I am more educated in every matter than the rest of the world and offer them my wisdom.  The truth is that I am more than likely not always more educated and simply think I am. I know for me when I tell other people something that I am going through and they off me their advice, sometimes, depending on the situation I am grateful for the constructive criticism.  There have been other times though that I could remember where people would offer me advice, and it would proceed to shut me down.  I would close myself, as if protecting myself, because I felt like they were letting me know that they could do a better job, which made me feel inadequate.  We would always like to give the impression that we have this whole "life" thing figured out but the truth is that we are all inadequate.  Unless I am being moved by the Holy Spirit I am full of my self, which cause me to give "advice"  that isn't very helpful, and can actually ruin the communication between me and the other person.  It is only when I am still and listen that I can be the best vessel for the Holy Spirit to flow through.  It is only when I rid myself of self, that I can truly be helpful.  

PRAYER:  God, please help me to be done with my pride in communication, help me to learn to listen, to be still, and wait for you to prompt me to respond.  I want to be the most useful me, for You that I can be, so be with me, as I learn Your way of communicating.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

APPLICATION:  Today, in every conversation I have I will simply listen and not offer advice.  

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