Thursday, January 30, 2014

Missing Sock Holder

Yesterday I set out on a mission to create a missing sock holder. I had seen some different ideas throughout the web and decided to create on that I found particularly cute. I set out with items I already had lying around the house, so this actually turned out to be free.

What you need to make this:

A piece of wood
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Black heavy string
4 clothespins
A drill
Painters Tape or Duct Tape
Ball Point Pen
Sharpie or Paint Pen

 I grabbed a piece of wood that my husband had brought me home from work. I painted it with some white acrylic paint a couple times, and then painted the edges with a black acrylic paint. Next after the paint dried I printed out the words "~Seeking Sole Mate~" on a couple pieces of paper, taped them together and laid the paper on top of the wood. Next I traced the letters firmly on the paper with a ball point pen, making the lines go through. Next I removed the paper and with a sharpie (You can also use a paint pen) I filled in the letters. Next, I grabbed some ribbon and taped the back of it onto the board. Then I grabbed three pieces of thick black string and braided it. Then I tied it around the board and secured it on the back with tape. Next I grabbed 4 clothespins and painted them and let them dry. Then I hung them on the heavy string and put up my socks that are seeking their sole mates. In order to hang it on my wall I drilled a couple holes in the back of the wood. I loved the way it turned out. Super cute, handy and easy to make!

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