Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mini Missions

This month I signed up for Scholastic Mini Missions

Scholastic books and Kellogg's Mini Wheats teamed up together for this creative idea.  It's a really awesome and fun opportunity to do things together as a family, and to earn free Scholastic books.

My son absolutely loves books, so I decided to jump on this opportunity.  Every month there is a new theme.  This month, September's mission was called "Outdoor Explorer".  I had to submit four entries explaining and showing what I did outside with my family.   Then I received a certificate and in 4-6 weeks I will be getting our free books.  

I'm not sure what books will come, but I am excited and will make sure to share which ones we got.  Doing this project was a lot of fun as well.  It encouraged me to do more things with my son outside and to realize that every age is a good age for some good old fashioned outdoor fun!  I encourage others to sign up as well! 

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