Friday, August 2, 2013


Recently a friend bought me the book titled, "A Wife After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George.  What an amazing book full of opportunity to grow as a Christian, wife and mother.
In the first chapter we are encouraged to write a letter of commitment to God.  A commitment to grow as a Christian and to become the wife and mother that God desires for us to be.  This morning I finished my letter and decided that it should be shared as an encouragement for others to make the commitment as well.  Writing it out helps keep me accountable.  I encourage everyone reading this to read this book and to write a commitment letter yourself.  Here is my letter:

Dear Heavenly Father,

        I desire in my heart to grow as a Christian and want to honor and serve You.  I desire to be a better wife and to bring glory to You through my relationship with my husband.   I desire to become a wife after Your own heart.  I want to always put You first, God, I want to daily read Your Word and I want to be obedient to You.  Will you please, through Your great grace come to my aid and sustain my deepest desires to grow?  I commit myself completely to You; my life is Yours Lord.  I will put You first no matter what the cost may be.  I am determined to grow into the woman and wife You and I want me to be; a wife after Your own heart, one who will do all Your will.  God, You have begun to make me aware of the areas in my life that need improvement.  There are many.  What I feel is the area that I most need to work on is consistently spending time with You.  I want Your Word and prayer to be the beginning and the end of my every day, and I want to think of you throughout the day in everything I do and think and say.  Lord, be a part of every part of my life.  I notice that in my marriage I need improvement on being a gentle and quiet spirit.  There are many times when I should hold my tongue, but my pride overwhelms me and I feel the need to speak.  Lord please give me humility, hold my tongue and remind me to bring every situation to you in prayer.  Lord guide me in every step, every day, please walk side by side with me.

                                        In your precious son, Jesus’ Name, Amen

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  1. :) I think i need to read the book your reading. Just remember your an amazing person. And you will become the wife and person good wants you to be. I just wish i knew egger plan god has in store for mr and if im headed down the path in life that god had planned for me