Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So I recently hosted a Tupperware party and was super shocked with my experience!  It was amazing.  Not only was it a lot of fun to be able to get together with some friends and snack on delicious food that was made from Tupperware, but I also got some free Tupperware just for hosting.  I got this brownie container just for being the host.
As if that wasn't enough to keep me happy, there was more!  Based on the sales I was able to pick a free gift, and then spend $69 towards any Tupperware merchandise I wanted.  So, I ended up getting all of this:

 Isn't that incredible?  Also, my friend Michelle, who is a Tupperware Consultant shared how working with the company is.  They have weekly prizes to motivate you with your sales.  There is no pressure, and she said that soon she will be able to be bringing in enough income to not have to work elsewhere.  Their products are very well made, in fact they are life-time warranty.  So excited about Tupperware, that now it is actually on my bucket list to eventually own everything in their catalog :) What a great company!


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