Friday, May 24, 2013

We Do Recover:

Here is our family picture that was taken last night.  We live in a clean and sober living environment, called Buddy's House.  There are many houses owned by Buddy's House and rented out to people who are recovering from drugs and alcohol.  It is a very nice two story house with a pool and yard, so we are truly blessed.  The reason for the photo shoot is because we are going to be on our local area bus stops.  We will be placed on a bench to advertise our success at Buddy's House, so that others will be encouraged to live in the sober environment.  At first when I got the call asking if we would be willing to do it, a few thoughts came into my mind.  At first, I thought, "wow, what a privilege, to be considered successful." and then other thoughts came in.  I thought, "Well do I really want everyone knowing that I am a recovering alcoholic."  Then immediately I realized, this wasn't about me.  This was about others.  This is about other people seeing us and seeing that there is hope.  That people do recover.  That there are people who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse and that there is a living environment in which they can be safe.  It's about people starting to be honest, and not feeling like they have to hide from their past.  It's about people being okay with where they come from, and not being ashamed.  Because in all reality, this is the life that God has chosen for us.  He knew why it was important for us both to go through what we did.  He is now going to use our lives to help others.  If we were afraid to be seen, we would be hiding the hope.  I believe in being that light, that shimmer of hope in someone's life.  I am sure people will sit on that bus stop and actually recognize our faces.  They will see the happiness in our lives and realize that if we could do it, if we could get sober and change our lives they can too!  <3

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