Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Citrus Lane and Bluum Boxes

My two most favorite latest discoveries are Citrus Lane and Bluum boxes.  They are both prepaid boxes ($25 a month) that have a variety of products recommended by moms for your child.  Each box is based on your child's age, and is a surprise.  It is so fun getting a box and not knowing what will be inside.  I have always been pleased with the products I get.  It is nice to be introduced to new company's.  I definitely recommend it to everyone with children 3 and under. So much fun!

Here is a sample of a Bluum box:

And here is a sample of a Citrus Lane box:

For more information on it or to sign up click on the links below:

Get a  Citrus Lane or a Bluum box today!

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